Sh. Rajendra Kumar
Sr No.MemberContact NoReservi
1 Smt. Bhawna Sood 98053 92151Ladies Reserve
2 Smt. Maneesha Sharma 9418159454Ladies Reserve
3Smt. Babli Sharma92180 00041Ladies Reserve
498166 16553 SC Reserve
5Sh. Sukhwinder Singh98160-90862General
6sh. Sukhdev Sharma94180 95208General
7Smt.Sharda Kapoor97360 94785Ladies Reserve

President = Smt. Bhawna Sood = 98053-92151    Ladies Reserve
Vice-President = Sukhdev Sharma = 94180-95208
Nominated Members

Constitution M.C Jawalamukhi President, Vice President and selected member and 3 nominated member

Sr No.NameContact
1sh.Joyti Sankar9416151121
2Sh. Virendra Varma8679187000
3Sh. Ashutosh Kapoor9736260201
4Sh. Sumesh Chaudhary7018050882

Important Notes

  • We all have an obligation to keep the city clean.
  • Smoking is prohibited in public places.
  • Water is life so please the right to use it.
  • Put garbage in the garbage charity.

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